Data Collection, Analysis & Visualisation

With ADI you can collect and process valuable crop data, gain insights to increase crop yields and quality, whilst reducing operational costs. 

Growth monitoring

We help to monitor your crop growth

  • The length of the flower
  • Leaf Area Index
  • Number and size of buds

How we manage data collection

ADI specialises in deploying our smart-eyes in any cultivation environment.

Germination Analysis Box

The GA-Box enables data-driven young stage crop management. Essentially the system is augmenting the germination counting process carried out by all propagators. Results are no longer subjective, unstructured or requiring extensive manual labour.  

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With our modular cameras, we can monitor every crop in the growing facility. We retrofit this system to monorails, spraying booms and any other static or moving application that makes sense. This robust, greenhouse proof technology is revolutionising data collection on the crop.

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Detection of

Integrated pest management

We help you scout for disease and pests by:

  • Detection of damaged crop
  • Discolored crops
  • Irregularities in the crops

Germination analyses

We give you valuable insights into:

  • Germination rate
  • Usable rate
  • Uniformity assessment

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