The Germination Analysis Box

This germination analysis box is a fully integrated data collection, analysis and presentation solution.
Germination analysis box
Use case

Our GA-Box in action

ADI specialises in deploying our smart-eyes in any cultivation environment. The GA-Box is a static data collection system, in which the grower brings the crops to be analysed.

Agridata Innovations webapp

Data-driven cultivation management

With access to our WebApp growers can see an overview of their crops, in a structured and organised manner. This data is then linked to the growers ERP to enable data-driven cultivation management.

The GA-box analyzes a tray in a matter of seconds compared to minutes of manual counting.
The GA-box counts consistent and standardized leading to more reliable data.
All results are stored automatically in a structured manner in the webapp to secure accountability to suppliers and customers.
Germination analysis boxon trolly

GA-Box in use

Usage of the GA-box is very easy, you just have to put in a tray, close the hatch and press the big green button. The GA-box makes a picture which is automatically analyzed and uploaded whereafter you can find the germination and usable rate in the webapp.

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