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Agridata innovations team

ADI is a company founded by friends. In 2014, William Simmonds and Lucien Fesselet first stepped foot in a greenhouse during an engineering entrepreneurship minor. This is where they saw an opportunity to apply their passion for applied engineering to solve tough problems in greenhouses. Now the company is active in several greenhouses in South Holland, and the team consists of highly skilled engineers, biologists and entrepreneurs seeking to drive value.

Meet the team

William Simmonds
Founder & CEO
+31 (0)6 11 48 34 09
Lucien Fesselet
Founder & CTO
+31 (0)6 24 73 35 78
Pim van Geest
Lead Business Development
+31 (0)6 13 29 55 13
Ryan Kurewa
Lead Product Engineer
Tim Buckers
Lead Software Engineer
Mohit Lalwani
Product Engineer
Bart van Ingen
Lead System Engineer
Tom van de Water
Project Manager & Operations Engineer
Godwin Rayan
Systems Engineer
Joeri Menheere
Electrical Engineer
William Corsel
Machine Learning Engineer
Anna Zsoldos
HR & Business Development
Amin Berjaoui Tahmaz
Embedded Computer Vision Engineer
Rasheed Noreldaim
Full-Stack Engineer
Connor McKay
Product Engineer
Michael McAdam
Mechatronics Engineer
Roel Vos
Software Developer

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