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Smart-eyes to enable data-driven crop management
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Here's what we do.

We solve the challenges growers face through our smart hardware supported by our even smarter software.
Crop Monitoring

We measure your crops physiological characteristics, providing key data to optimise growth, manage production and forecast harvest.

Pest and Disease Scouting

No need to worry about scouting disease and pests. Our smart-eyes have got you covered!

Germination analyses

We determine your usable rate in a matter of seconds and more reliably than a human.

Smart eyes

The Solutions we offer

ADI provides an integrated, data-driven solution that enables growers to monitor their crop at scale. We collect data, analyse and process information and deliver actionable insights to growers and cultivation managers.

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The Dutch have become experts at getting the most out of every hectare. Despite its size, the Netherlands is now the world’s second-largest exporter of food.

- Sir David Attenborough


Meet the team

ADI is a company founded by friends. In 2015, William Simmonds and Lucien Fesselet first stepped foot in a greenhouse during an engineering entrepreneurship minor. This is where they saw an opportunity to...

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