Revolutionise Your Cultivation with Precision Data

With ADI you can collect and process valuable crop data, gain insights to increase crop yields and quality, whilst reducing operational costs.

With AgriData Innovations you have a partner located next to the Dutch Westland, the beating heart of global horticultural technology.

We deploy and retrofit smart imaging systems on strategic locations to gather data on your crop.

We have partnerships with key players in the industry
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AI Powered Analysis Engine

ADI’s camera systems are a tool to collect data which then enters our analysis pipeline. Here we utilise computer vision software techniques to extract key features.

Crop Physiology

Measure growth, uniformity, response time, buds, flowers and fruit bodies.

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Germination Analysis

Gather fast and reliable assessments of young stage seedlings, determine usable percentage and transform your processes.

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Pest & disease detection

Make use of high resolution crop insights to detect a whole array of plant pests & diseases.

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“Now, the assessment of every tray is completely identical. The usable is always determined fully objective. That makes us more reliable as a supplier.”

René Janssen
Head of Plant Production at Schoneveld
Detection of

Presentation of Results

We make use of your existing IT infrastructure and connect via API to any platform.

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    How we add value to our customers

    We make use of your existing IT infrastructure and connect via API to any platform.

    Labour saving

    ADI’s systems monitor crop performance and crop health. This saves time on manual tasks such as germination counting, growth measuring and scouting of pests and diseases.

    Optimising production management

    By collecting data at scale ADI makes it possible to improve cultivation strategies and get better insights into harvest predictions. Accurate insights into production performance enable data-driven cultivation, which increases production and leads to lower operational costs.

    Objective assessment of crop performance

    ADI’s systems can quantify crop physiology and characteristics in an automated manner. This  enables growers and breeders to make data driven decisions in their breeding processes and production management.

    Preventing disease & pest outbreaks

    ADI’s systems can frequently scout for pests and diseases at scale. By monitoring crop health throughout the whole facility on a daily basis we can detect pests and diseases earlier, preventing breakouts. This saves crop loss and helps reduce chemical usage.

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