ADI delivers first Seedling Scan Pro to Beekenkamp Plants (formerly known as the Germination Analysis Box)

The ADI Seedling Scan Pro (Formerly know as the GA-Box) has been delivered and is now working to help Beekenkamp Plants, a Dutch family-owned plant breeder, get full insights into the health of their crops. The two companies have been working together for a few months now to make sure they develop just the right tool.

The Seedling Scan Pro is a fully integrated data collection, analysis and presentation solution that growers can operate independently, without the need for ADI operators. Installed on a Danish trolley, the battery-powered system can easily be moved around the greenhouse.

The analytics produced by the system are being fed directly into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool of Beekenkamp and then being used by production managers to determine what seed quantities are required for full-scale production.

“It has been a pleasure working with Beekenkamp so far and we believe we have built a strong business relationship,” says William Simmonds, CEO of ADI. “We have truly demonstrated our ‘boots on the ground’ approach and are looking forward to bringing more value to the company in the future.”

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