ADI technology makes orchid production more profitable and efficient for Hazeu

Greenhouses can provide an ideal environment for orchids to grow. By setting and monitoring the light, temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, it is possible to create just the right conditions for the plants.

Still, this is not the only type of monitoring greenhouse owners should have in mind. Keeping an eye out for pests and diseases among the plants is also crucial. Hazeu Orchids, an orchid grower in the Netherlands, has been using ADI’s disease and pest location maps in their Phalaenopsis Orchid greenhouse since March 2019.

“Every Friday, we use our robotic imaging systems to collect data on the entire greenhouse and within six hours, we provide a report to our client with the locations of all their crops that (may) have been affected by a disease,” says William Simmonds, CEO of ADI.  

Earlier this year, the startup signed a three-year operational contract with Hazeu to continue this service.

Tim Brander, Cultivation Specialist at Hazeu, sees the value that ADI’s solution brings. “Their service makes scouting at Hazeu Orchids more efficient and accurate, as ADI drones are used every week to scout plants that are infected with a disease,” he says. “The service is fast, reliable and effective. Using ADI’s technology, our production of Phalaenopsis has become more profitable and efficient.”

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