Data-Driven Crop Monitoring

AI-Powered Cameras for Digital Growing
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Our Seedling Scan Pro in action

ADI specialises in deploying our smart-eyes in any cultivation environment. The Seedling Scan Pro is a static data collection system, in which the grower brings the crops to be analysed.

Here's what we do.

We solve the challenges growers face through our smart hardware supported by our even smarter software.
Crop monitoring
Growth Monitoring

ADI’s cameras capture detailed images of your crops, enabling our AI algorithms to extract valuable physiological data.

Pest and disease scouting
Pest and Disease Scouting

Our smart computer vision software detects and identifies pests and diseases in their early stages.

Germination speed
Germination analyses

We eliminate the guesswork from germination analysis by providing you with rapid and reliable assessments of usable seedlings.

Agridata innovations hardware

The Solutions we offer

ADI provides an integrated, data-driven solution that enables growers to monitor their crop at scale. We collect data, analyse and process information and deliver actionable insights to growers and cultivation managers.

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We now have a better understanding of how the crop feels. Over the past few months, we’ve made different cultivation decisions based on the new system. It often proves to be a real eye-opener.

-Sander Middelberg

Owner and Head Grower of Leen Middelburg Chrysanten

ADI Team

Meet the team

ADI is a company founded by friends. In 2014, William Simmonds and Lucien Fesselet first stepped foot in a greenhouse during an engineering entrepreneurship minor. This is where they saw an opportunity to...

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